Break Classroom Barriers.

Class Rebels is a platform for learning. We believe that learning shouldn’t be restricted to just classrooms, so we’re re-building them from the ground up. We’re introducing solutions that make learning simple and fun, from live lessons by the best professors and delivering the best-quality study material to educational social networking.

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We believe that the whole idea of education is taken in the wrong sense. It’s become a misconception that studying is only about scrolling through the pages of your textbook the night before your exam.

It’s not about that. Education is about freedom.

We’re making that dream come true, by not restricted education to just classrooms — instead of a professor talking to hundreds of students in one single auditorium, we’re providing both students and teachers with a place where they can interact with each other.

Where they don’t just study, they learn.

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Kaksha is the change the classroom was waiting for. For the first time, learning is not restricted to a room. Kaksha is a platform that connects students and teachers in a way that promotes holistic development, so that location, language, finance, or time is not a restriction in your path to reaching academic excellence. It works with your PC, tablet or smartphone, so you can learn or teach anywhere, at any time.

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Our Virual Library is what brought Class Rebels to existance. It’s a place where students can collaboratively learn by uploading and sharing study material. Everyone’s notes, e-books, lectures and videos can be accessed by everyone else, so there’s never a shortage of quality study material. You can upload pictures of your handwritten notes, PDFs, videos, presentations, or just type using our Notes Author.


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Class Rebels is a New Delhi-based startup lead by Anand Chowdhary that offers education technology solutions. We’re always looking for talented individuals to work with, especially educators and students.